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Welcome to AngelBaby, the leading surrogacy agency.

We work to ensure that a healthy and happy baby appears in your family as soon as possible!

AngelBaby is a team of professionals. Top experts in the field of reproduction, obstetrics and gynecology, as well as experienced psychologists collaborate with us. To ensure the protection of the rights and interests of the parties allows its own pool of lawyers who own all the subtleties of the legislation in the field of surrogacy.

Availability of a medical license

Surrogacy is absolutely legal in the Russian Federation


We trust the health of our surrogate mothers only to the best specialists in the field of reproduction


The official agreement between the biological parents and the surrogate mother. Strict control over the fulfillment by the Parties of their obligations and payment of fees.

Our advantages


If necessary, we will ensure your FULL anonymity throughout the program and after its completion. All conditions, taking into account your wishes, will be noted in the contract and will enter into force after its signing.


We provide a personal assistant and coordinator for your surrogate mother. Every mentor is a surrogate in the past. Her experience will help to get through pregnancy without complications.


We offer the best conditions for cooperation for a reasonable price. We do not save on tests, surrogacy fees and pregnancy support. The price of error in these matters is the health of your unborn baby.


If necessary, our experts will help you in choosing a clinic and doctor, but if you already know which institution you want to cooperate with, our company is ready to maintain contact with any medical center that you specify.


Our surrogate mothers undergo a series of medical examinations, an identity check and an interview with a psychologist. For customers, this is the absence of doubts about the authenticity of documents, somatic and mental well-being of surrogate mothers.


AngelBaby not only helps in the birth of future geniuses, but also takes care of quickly establishing relationships between you and your baby.

What are you getting?

  • Complete data on all medical tests, examinations and ultrasounds of a surrogate mother.
  • Questionnaires with information about surrogates and donors already at the first consultation.
  • Full legal registration.
  • A quick and comfortable procedure, where agreements with clinics, sperm and egg donors, an agreement with surrogate mother are signed by proxy, without going abroad.
  • Calm and confidence. We check and prepare donors and surrogates for you. We transport frozen embryos. We provide full pregnancy support, checkups and medical tests.

Our Partners

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If you still have any questions, please contact us.

AngelBaby Surrogacy Center helps infertile families fulfill their most important desires.

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